Emilie Storli

Graphic & editorial designer, hello@emiliestorli.com

Comissioned Work
Logotype and designed content for the Barcelona based jewellery- and clothing brand. The jewellery is hand-crafted and all items are carefully curated with materials from around the world. The brand wishes to reflect this through its design, so content is developed to feel non-digital and authentic.
Visual Identity / SoMe Content

Academical Project, Elisava Barcelona
w/ Fenna Vanbecelaere
Unmuted is a platform which explores the psychology behind how music and our senses, memories and emotions are intertwined. It invites the viewer to reflect upon how music makes them feel, as it aims to start conversations and facilitate real connections through a common love for music.
Digital Design

Singles Covers
Comissioned Work
Design of singles covers for producer Gavin Moss.
Digital Design

RMTAcademical Project, IED BarcelonaReal Men Talk is a platform encouraging conversations to remove stigma around men’s emotions and mental health and rebuild what we perceive as masculinity. The podcast & website aims to deal with Toxic Masculinity through giving men a space to be open and vulnerable.

Visual Identity / Digital Design

ExposéAcademical Project, IED BarcelonaA publication including confessions sent in by readers, as well as articles and photoseries. The aim of the publication is to balance vulnerability and humour by portraying “flaws” and secret thoughts and feelings as perfectly human and natural.

Editorial Design

Analog diaryPersonalPersonal analog photography of people and places I love.


Rosa Magazine
Academical Project, Elisava Barcelona
w/ Ann Griffin

Rosa challenges the ideas in society of what it means to be a 21st century woman. It dismantles the idea of perfectionism and tell women’s stories. No filter, no retouching, no censoring. The real deal is just good as it is.

Editorial Design

The Law of JanteAcademical Project, Elisava Barcelona
w/ Mads Vine
A book exploring Scandinavia seen through The Law of Jante, a set of 10 commands that says no one should feel any better or more special than anybody else. This “law” is supposedly dominant in how people think and behave in the north, for better or worse. The book explores The Law of Jante in ten chapters as a Scandinavian tale of prejudice, open- ness, ice–cold insecurities, and much more.

Book Design

Flowers & FruitsPersonalPersonal sketches of surrounding objects.